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Businesses generally classify target audiences by demand and supply. However, there are a growing list of factors that cannot be neglected.

That’s where we come in, as students and advocates of community-based innovation. We keep a pulse on why and how niche audiences buy into niche marketing campaigns as well as what they see or hear their peers, favorite entrepreneurs, branded characters, artist or influential personalities wear, dislike, love, are involved in or use. 

We also understand the concerns of industry stakeholders who wake up daily to game-changing innovations emanating from outside their business resource scope. 

What is your Niche Audience Agenda?

that humanizes innovation

Our insights and operating experience across market categories, allows us to distil and execute on every actionable brand building opportunity at the highest level. We enjoy crafting and extending brandable moments by sharing unique narratives and trending possibilities that shape opinion with the support of our resourceful network of associates and partners. 

However, we only seek to collaborate with transformative visionaries in their respective industries around common interests that create value. The growing demand for authentic experiences and narratives deeply reliant on innovation worldwide undoubtedly drives our industry-wide mission. 

We also value the role community-based innovation plays in culture, society, and the economy in relation to influence and decision making. For partners and associates with a critical need to innovate, Niche Audience Labs is here to collaborate.

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