Entertainment, Marketing & Media Solutions

Niche Audience Labs was created to help us better discover, develop, and deliver knowledge-based solutions.

As brand solutions and audiences grow more distinctly outlined, we see a growing need to keep up with these exponential opportunities.

That’s where we come in, as advocates and agents of community-based innovation.

We are helping build world-class brands and products with themed collaborative initiatives that span the entire business and experience ecosystem.

We develop and package products, solutions, experiences as well as content with projects across all relevant touch points with manufacturers, brands, retailers, studios, record labels, mobile, broadcast and cable networks, as well as digital/new media platforms in addition to working with best-in-class development, innovation and talent partners. Our insights, resources, and operating experience across market categories allow us to distill and execute on every actionable brand building opportunity at the highest level.

What is your Niche Audience Agenda?

that humanizes innovation

As industry stakeholders, we take a holistic approach to highlighting the commercial possibilities that change brings.

As curators of actionable resources, our solutions are fully customizable and not limited to a range of leading industry partnerships, our menu list of services or projects that help spark conversations, build relationships, engage customers and generate sales.

We enjoy working with category innovators who are not limited to just leading platforms, agencies, futurist, educators, students, executives, professionals, creators, intellectual property right holders, producers or organizations in humanizing actionable possibilities.

Our projects help them generate an engaging industry presence with solutions not limited to just messaging, media training, A-list media placements, thought leader endorsements, speaking engagements, industry contacts, content development and distribution, events, trade marketing, and brand value management.

Our initiatives enhance visibility, sculpt public perception and affect change.Our specialized teams are engaged and connected to the pulse of your industry of choice. From startup ideas, product releases, brand relaunches to announcements. We are helping build innovative stories for clients and partners of all sizes.

However, we are known to only collaborate with transformative visionaries in their respective industries around common interests that create value. Ultimately, we believe the best opportunities for incremental growth coupled with the ability to reach new audiences, comes from a collaborative out-of-the-box mindset.

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